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b'Except quality, economic and time-effective are major issue in the execution of the project. Our engineer customize an economic solution to make the erection of girder launcher more efficiency and more easier. We provide double truss type with counter weight to launching and erection girder launcher.'

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b'Bridge girder launcher erection crane mainly consisted of main beam, cantilever, under guide beam, front and rear legs, auxiliary outrigger, hanging beam crane, cantilever crane and elecrto-hydraulic system. Applies to three different span single-span simply supported beam erection, with high operating efficiency. 2A truss type Bridge Girder ...'

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b'steel girder bridge launching crane advantages: In order to adapt to the curved bridge, the boom of the machine can swing a small amount in the horizontal plane. The method of locating the beam is the same as that used for the double cantilever bridge erecting machine (shifting beam or dial).'

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b'Boat travel lift is a kind of mobile gantry crane for boat hauling, which is a kind of portal use crane manufactured by Aicrane. This boat lift is specifically designed for different kinds of boat handling, such as to launch a boat, lift it out of the water and transport these vessels in the yard.. We provide different'

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b'Sep 02, 2014 \xc2\xb7 Thirdly,high efficiency of operation:the processes of beam supporting and transporting are separated to increase the efficiency of operation; Fourthly,stability and reliability: the hoisting device is equipped with video and monitoring alarms,emergency brake,lower and upper limit\xe2\x80\x99 switch,overload ,'

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b'Overhead Launching Gantry machine consists of main beam, cantilever, front and rear legs, auxiliary legs, lifting beam trolley, jib crane and electro-hydraulic system. Not only standard bridge erection can be carried out, but also variable cross erected, with good ,'

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b'Truss Launching crane/beam launcher is an important machinery for building high rise constructions, bridges etc. ... ZHONGJIAN launching crane has higher working efficiency, with 6~8 pieces girder erection every day, based on enough concrete plate supplying, skilled operator and good condition at site. ... Double Girder Overhead Cranes.'

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b'Double beam cranes always are working in the high efficiency so that more profit can be made and much time can be saved. All in all, the double beam cranes are in high working efficiency and long service time. Just similar with single beam overhead crane, double beam overhead crane consists of double beams, end carriages, electric cable hoists ...'