Hoisting Unit for EOT Bridge Cranes

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b"MOTOR : The motor is three phase squirrel cage, conical rotor type working on 440 volts, 3P,50 Hz A.C. supply. This motor is specially designed for hoist and crane and is insulated by class 'F' type of insulation according to B.S : 2613. The starting and stalling torques of this motor are 220 % \xe2\x80\xa6"

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b'A. AUXILIARY HOIST: Supplemental hoisting unit usually of lower load rating and higher speed than the main hoist. AXLE, FIXED: A shaft which is fixed in the end truck and about which the wheel revolves. AXLE, ROTATING: A shaft which is fixed in the wheel and which rotates on bearings fixed in the end truck. B. BEARING LIFE: The B-10 life of an anti-friction bearing is the minimum expected life ...'

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b'Hoist - A mechanical unit that is used for lifting and lowering a load via a hook or lifting attachment. Hoist Chain - The load bearing chain in a hoist. NOTE: Chain properties do not conform to those shown in ANSI B30.9-1971, Safety code for slings. Hoist Motion - The motion of a crane which raises and lowers a load.'

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b'Difference Between Electric Hoist And EOT Crane. Though the terminology electric hoist and eot crane are somewhat interchangeable, they differ each other in many ways. Electric hoist is a rather simple unit used for raising and lowering loads as it can only move vertically. The can be mounted on a trolley or directly to a .'

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b'A crane whose hoist mechanism is driven by pulling an endless chain, or whose travel mechanism is driven in the same manner or by manually moving the load or hook. CRANE, OVERHEAD/ASME B30.2. A crane with a single or multiple girder movable bridge crane a movable or fixed hoisting mechanism and traveling on an overhead fixed runway structure.'

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b'The bridge girders are of box construction made from rolled plates. However for smaller capacities and spans, the bridge girders are also made from standard rolled sections. For standard workshop duty crane the hoisting unit is comprised of compact wire rope hoist unit.'