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b'OVERHEAD CRANE TERMINOLOGY AUXILIARY HOIST: Supplemental hoisting unit usually of lower load rating and higher speed than the main hoist. AXLE, FIXED: A shaft which is fixed in the end truck and about which the wheel revolves. AXLE, ROTATING: A shaft which is fixed in the wheel and which rotates . : ...'


b'R 408.12017. Hoisting brakes; equipment handling molten metal. Rule 2017. (1) Each independent hoisting unit on a crane or monorail hoisting equipment handling molten metal shall be equipped with not less than 2 holding brakes. (2) A single brake is permitted where a hot metal, monorail hoist is equipped .'

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b'Feb 05, 2020 \xc2\xb7 Side pulling is not considered \xe2\x80\x9cnormal operation\xe2\x80\x9d of the hoist and therefore may void the manufacturer\xe2\x80\x99s warranty. Attempting to lift a load that is located beyond the end of a bridge beam or monorail. (Figure 6) could damage the safety stops at the end of the beam. In rare cases, this has caused the trolley hoist to fall off the end of ...'

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b'Hoisting Y During off loading of a tomography unit, the unit shifted in the rigging and dropped six inches to the ground. Improper Rigging 19-CA-010 10/23/2018 GANTRY 2 Collision, Crane striking object Hoisting Y A gantry crane collided with a shipping container that was placed within the travel path of the .'

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b'Grated Box End Section Type II Grated Box End Section Type II Plan & Elevation (rev. 11/15/99, format update only) Grated Box End Section Type II Grate Details (rev. 11/15/99, format update only) Grated Box End Section Type II Plan & Elevation (eff. 03/01/06) Grated Box End Section Type II Grate Details (rev. 11/15/99, )'

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b'A top running single girder crane is the most common type of bridge crane system as this configuration typically meets the lifting demands and facility space requirements for most customers. 0.5 to 15 ton capacities; 10 to 100+ ft. spans; Underhung monorail hoist and trolley attached to the bottom of the bridge \xe2\x80\xa6'

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b'The basic components of most bridge cranes are 1) end trucks, 2) bridge drives, 3) bridge control panel, 4) bridge girder, 5) trolley, 6) hoist, 7) festooned cross conductors, 8) festooned push button conductors and 9) push button and cable assembly.'


b'(perpendicular) alignment. The bridge consists of 43.75 ft., 88.0 ft. and 43.75 ft. spans, with a 50 ft. wide bridge. The figures on pages 5 and 6 show the elevation and typical section for the bridge. The superstructure is supported by AASHTO Type III girders, which are continuous for live load.'